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Life & Rain | (by Magicmoment Z.)


Life & Rain | (by Magicmoment Z.)

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People will stare. Make it worth their while → Zuhair Murad Haute Couture | S/S ‘13

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Inktype Tips


For: when you find yourself running out of motivation and inspiration and your fingers suddenly become like lead on the keyboard, and writing is turning into a chore —


  • Have a drink of water or whatever beverage you may want
  • Eat a piece of fruit, or pie or cake or anything you like
  • Get some fresh air, go for a short walk
  • Listen to some music
  • Get up, dance around
  • If you have animals, give ‘em a hug (you can hug humans, too, if you want)
  • Read another chapter of whatever book you’re reading
  • Watch an episode of a television show x x x
  • Make a playlist for your novel/novella/writing piece x x
  • Go to your favourite Tumblrs, have a scroll around
  • Take a peek at Facebook/Twitter/Instagram
  • Do some light exercise

It’s okay to take a little break! In fact, it’s encouraged.Just be careful not to get too distracted! Limit yourself to an hour break (or if you want to get technical, an episode of a television show is usually 42 minutes long).


  • If you’re using a laptop or notebook or scraps of paper - basically anything you can grab and move - change where you’re sitting; new surroundings are refreshing
  • Or change where you’re writing entirely: try a cafe or the library or a park bench


  • Forge ahead, write another five sentences
  • Skip to a different scene, to a part that has a different tone or theme than what you’re currently writing
  • Take a break from whatever piece you’re writing and write 200-500 words on something completely different. Prompts are good for this
  • Create a random character and slot them in somewhere, see how they change things


  • Rant to a friend, or us if you like. Brainstorm, bounces ideas around, talk about your characters and plot and what happens next. Get excited about your writing!


Sometimes writing can be difficult, and that’s perfectly okay! Eventually, however, you just have to keep putting one word after the other until you get your writing groove back, but in the meantime hopefully these tips will help.

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military steampunk (x) as requested by oduwanchatsky

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by Noisy Paradise


by Noisy Paradise

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White Sands, New Mexico.

White Sands, New Mexico.

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Roof Gardens in Rome

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Ladies Steampunk Gypsy Boho Boots http://steampunksteampunk.tumblr.com/

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